S·DEER Fashion

Corporate Values

S·DEER's corporate vision is "to create a world-class quality clothing brand and to deliver an artistic clothing culture", adhering to the height of the brand, adhering to the fashion should spread art, fashion and the future, advocating positive values, guiding consumers to enrich the spiritual world. The highest esteem for customer needs. "Collaboration, innovation, giving and refinement" are the values of S·DEER and all S·DEER people.

Brand Culture

S·DEER adheres to the brand's core values of art, spreading the concept of contemporary and future-oriented fashion, advocating the values of positivity and self-control, and creating a rich spiritual world for fashion lovers; at the same time, focusing on the core values of the brand with the language of design and the power of culture, calmly and firmly focusing on product design, brand image and terminal service enhancement, providing the We provide the audience with a dressing concept rooted in the soil of art and not swayed by trends.
S·DEER's product line is comprehensive, covering not only clothing, footwear, bags and accessories, but also spatial design, architectural design, painting and sculpture, all of which are independent and integrated with each other through its unique brand aesthetic.
All S·DEER shops in China and abroad serve as both retail spaces for product sales and conceptual spaces for the brand's cultural output, forming a large and detached post-modernist spatial design aesthetic in terms of expression, showcasing the brand's latest fashion collections and unique artistic concepts; all S·DEER shops in Paris are concept shops, with coarse and raw rocks and minimalist modern marble and black gold, forming a strong visual language dialogue. All S·DEER Paris stores are concept stores, where coarse and raw rocks and minimalist modern marble and black gold form a strong visual language dialogue, preserving an aesthetic landscape that is different from the commonplace and growing silently in a time of consumerism and fast fashion, as well as a self-reserved place to constantly return to the original heart of art.

Brand Charity

S·DEER has always been active in giving back to society, focusing on turning short-term relief efforts into sustainable development plans, doing what it can to help groups and individuals in need, and paying particular attention to funding and training in the field of education, contributing to the cause of education and leading employees to realize the social values of S·DEER people [2]. S·DEER's Art for Good programme aims to help more youth groups to have more access to art, fashion and aesthetics.
From 2001 to 2009, S·DEER has made more than 30 donations worth more than 10 million RMB to poor areas, children of migrant workers, poor students in colleges and universities, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities.
From 2005 to 2007, S·DEER trucks went to Tibet five times to send warmth to local primary school students, poor herdsmen and medical personnel supporting the border.
In August 2006, S·DEER donated RMB 800,000 to build the Xuyi County "Sandior Huanghuatang Hope School".
In September 2006, S·DEER and Nanjing Mochou Secondary Professional School, a national key vocational school, jointly set up the "S·DEER chain management and management class", with students mainly coming from poor areas.
Since September 2007, the S·DEER Staff Love Foundation has been set up by the staff to provide assistance to staff and their families. The foundation is mainly funded by internal donations from employees, sponsorship from S·DEER companies and support from S·DEER partners.
During the May 12 earthquake in 2008, S-DEER companies actively helped themselves and donated money and materials to help the people and students in the affected areas.
In 2010, S-DEER donated 330,000 RMB to help the people affected by the Yushu earthquake and donated a total of 179,700 RMB to the S-DEER Staff Love Foundation.
In November 2015, S-DEER's [Hand and Heart] charity action came to Liangshan, Sichuan, deep into the mountains. With the help of Qing Xianping, a caring charity worker, S·DEER's new down clothing arrived at six primary schools in Huidong County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, and was distributed to children from poor families.
In November 2016, S·DEER's [Hand and Heart] charity action entered Liangshan, Sichuan again. Cotton clothes, scarves and hats, paintbrushes, picture books, and books donated by S-DEER staff, arrived in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan one after another, and were donated and distributed to children in Laoguntan Primary School, Songping Middle School, Gaji Middle School, Driu Middle School and Ethnic Middle School in Huidong County.
From 2017 to 2018, S·DEER will focus on art training programmes, launching modeling competitions, matching competitions and other events to give corporate support to students, employees and members of the community who have special talents in the field of fashion and art.